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Google Summer of Code is Receiving Applications

March 16, 2007

The list of mentoring organizations for the Google Summer of Code 2007 is up. That means that is time to check which open source projects interest you and start sending your applications.


The deadline for applications is March 24.






ITK 3.2 released!

March 14, 2007

The new release of the Insight Toolkit (ITK) (an open source toolkit for image processing, registration, and segmentation) is available now!

From their mailing list, we have that:


We are pleased to announce the release of ITK 3.2.

You can download this release from the Download page:


or through CVS by using the tag :



The manifesto of changes in this release can be found

in the following Wiki page:




Push for open access to research

March 2, 2007

From BBC news, we have that:

“Last month five leading European research institutions launched a petition that called on the European Commission to establish a new policy that would require all government-funded research to be made available to the public shortly after publication.

That requirement – called an open access principle – would leverage widespread internet connectivity with low-cost electronic publication to create a freely available virtual scientific library available to the entire globe.”

Full article.