Machine Learning Made Easy with Perl (the day before)

Machine Learning Made Easy with Perl is the name of the session I am giving tomorrow afternoon at OSCON. I really worked hard on this one 🙂 It took me more time than I expected to make machine learning easy 😉 I do not want to spoil the surprise but the talk is really packed so if you are attending, do not close your eyes for a second because you might miss one of the pointers that could save your next machine learning project.

There is a small update to the session: I will only be covering “Exploratory financial data analysis using fuzzy clustering” and “Medical decision support systems using support vector machines”. I will cover only two case studies to provide more in depth information. Come and see what I mean 🙂

I hope to see many faces there. By the way, I will make available the slides and the source code one week after the talk.



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