Programming systems for kids

I am starting to think about programming systems for kids. My son is 4 years old now. He likes to play with the computer, just like his dad. He also started to like the text editors I used when writing programs, specially because the colour of the words change depending on the combination of keys he presses. He is learning to read and write and I guess that he will be soon ready to start learning something more serious than playing Tux Racer. This brings me to the topic of this post, I recently read an article in the O’Reilly Radar about programming systems for kids. The comments for that post are including some good references, I will start checking in the near future. However, I would like to get other opinions. So, do you now of any programming system for kids that you would recommend? If so, please, tell me in the comments.



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  1. Logo comes to mind, and I also heard about Scratch – .

    I also remember when I bought Robot Odyssey for the CoCo, although I guess I was already too old and it got boring fast 🙂

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