It is important the creation of software, our software, free software…

With this words the Venezuelan President stressed the importance of the new National Centre for Research and Development on Free (as in Freedom) Technologies (CENDITEL). As the President puts it: “The centre will be key in achieving our scientific/technological independence”. Moreover, the centre is part of a National Initiative to create and guarantee access to knowledge because according to the Venezuelan President: “knowledge is universal. It is like the sunlight, nobody can say the sunlight is mine”. Knowledge does not belong to an individual (or group of individuals) it belongs to the entire human race.

The new Centre will focus, during the first year, on developing free and open source software for:

  • the public administration,
  • PDVSA, and
  • the groups for local development.

Starting on the second year of operations the Centre will expand his focus to include free and open hardware and bioinformatics.


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