First Perl Monks’ Node and becoming a Perl Monks Novice

In this node, I asked for help in locating Granular Computing implementations using Perl. I am still waiting for some leads in that sense (I hope to find someone else working on that to share experiences). If you know about any implementation, I would love to hear about it, so, please, drop me a line.


By the way, I guess that people liked the idea of a Granular Computing implementation in Perl. Maybe because of that they rated so well my node (It was one of the 10 best rated nodes of September 24, 2006). Also, on September 24, I went from 4 XP points to 23 XP points (XP is a number used to rate the Perl Monks‘ experience) moving me from the 1st category (Initiate) to the 2nd one (Novice). I guess that it is not bad for someone that has been programming in Perl for less than two months.





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