OSCON Recap Part III

Here is the last part describing my first visit to OSCON. Before I start, I have to thank O’Reilly for giving us the opportunity to talk about the Venezuela’s quest to achieve technological independence. Second, I have to thank Jeff for the invitation and his hospitality. And of course, I have to thank Chris for letting me stay at his place.

On Friday we gave our talk to a group of social activists in Portland. It went quite well: Alejandro had plenty of time to give his portion of the talk šŸ˜‰

People were quite engaged and we hope the message went across. The audio of the talk is available here thanks to Chris.

Finally, I leave you with the note inviting to our talk



Software Libre and the Bolivarian Revolution

Friday July 28, 7 PM

311 N. Ivy St. (see http://liberty-hall.org/location.html for directions)

Free and Open Source Software (Software Libre) developers in Venezuela
are actively exploring ways that software can be used to further the
social goals of the Bolivarian movement and the Chavez government. Come
hear from people involved first hand in the new Information Technology
law, in projects using software to increase transparency and citizen
participation in government, in the move for open Science in the public
interest, and in the move to support worker-control and local industry
through software development work cooperatives. Speakers will include
Alejandro Imass, Lino Ramirez and Jeff Zucker.

Portland Central America Solidarity Committee (PCASC)
and Cross Border Labor Organizing Council (CBLOC)
311 N. Ivy St., Portland, Oregon 97227
Tel: 503-236-7916
E-mail: info at pcasc.net www.pcasc.net

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