My first steps with Perl!

By the end of OSCON, Alejandro had convinced me that I should try Perl. So I decide to buy a couple of books to get started. If you are curious, I bought Learning Perl (the Llama book) and Mastering Algorithms with Perl. By the end of July, I started learning. Maybe it is just me, but I found Perl to be an easy to learn language (I did a lot of assembly and C programming before). On August, I made a decision: I would code an important portion of my Research work in Perl. That is me, very passionate some times.

To help me with this task, I bought another book (this time it was the Alpaca book –Intermediate Perl) and joined the Perl Monks. After reading a bit of the book (I have not had the time to finish it), I started to port some code that I had in MATLAB to Perl. I decided to start with one of my favorites: a Fuzzy C-Means implementation. You can see it on my Perl Monks’ scratchpad. It works! By the way, if you are a Perl’s expert and have a suggestion or two on how to improve my code, feel free to drop me a line. Remember: I have been programming in Perl for less than two months.



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