Information Technology Bill in Venezuela. If you are pro-free software, we need your help

I promised some friends in Canada that I will post a brief summary on the current status of the IT Bill discussions.

At this time, the Bill is in the hands of the Science and Technology Committee of the Venezuelan National Assembly. Articles are being removed, modified, and combined which makes it really hard to keep account of what is the content of the draft that will go for discussion at the Venezuelan National Assembly sometime in the next two weeks. The key points that seem to stick in the Bill are:

  • the protection of the personal information of persons having any type of interaction with the Government, and
  • the creation of a National Committee on Information Technology to rule about the standards and software platforms to be used in Government.

There have been some heated discussions as to whether giving priority to Free Software is good for the Government and the National Software Industry. This is why SOLVE (Free Software Venezuela) is working hard to educate the members of our National Assembly and the general public about the importance of Free and Open Source Software for the technological independence of our Country.

If you have links to success stories or have writings supporting the importance of Free and Open Source for developing countries, drop me line so we can use that information to help us educate our people.


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