Image Registration Process

Here is a general description of an Image Registration Process I wrote for the Insight Toolkit Wiki

  • Declare types
  • Instantiate objects via New()
  • Connect components and images to the ImageRegistrationMethod using Set methods
  • Set initial transform parameters
  • Setup each component
    • Transform
    • Interpolator
    • Optimizer (e.g., for the RegularStepGradientDescent: number of iterations, minimum and maximum step lentghs, transformation parameters scales)
    • Similarity measure (e.g., for Mutual Information: number of samples, …)
  • Connect up observers
  • StartRegistration(Inside a try/catch block)
  • Get the last transform parameters
  • Create a registered image using ResampledImageFilter

Based on: Lydia Ng, “Overview: ITK Registration Methods,” SPIE 2005: Medical Image Registration and Segmentation with ITK, February 12, 2005

File name: SPIE2005-RegistrationMethodsOverview.ppt

Available here

Last accessed on: January 06, 2006

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