Going to Montreal!!!!!!!!

Today at 13h20, I will be taking a plane to Toronto and then Montreal. I will be presenting a paper at NAFIPS 2006 (NAFIPS are the initials of North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society). The paper is about a framework I developed for automatically setting the parameters in an image matching tool. But, what is image matching? Image matching is the process of aligning images to better analyse changes between the two of them. The “cool” part about my research is that it is “useful” . It is more than just a theory that a PhD student developed, it is something you can use in clinical applications. I will start writing about my research when I come back.

By the way, because I will be in Montreal, I will be able to attend an Ubuntu Dapper release party. Here are the particulars 😉

  • Why: We released Ubuntu 6.06!
  • Where: … ( I am not sure whether I am allowed to inform that 😉 )
  • When: Sunday, 4 June 2006 at 18:00

I hope to see many Ubuntu fans over there 😉


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2 Comments on “Going to Montreal!!!!!!!!”

  1. Lino, ha sido un placer conocerte en Montreal.

    I am glad you could make it to the Ubuntu party. Some pictures are available on http://www.ubuntu-qc.org



  2. Lino Ramirez Says:

    Fabian, el placer fue mio.

    I really enjoyed meeting you and the FACIL gang. I hope we can figure out some projects in which we can work together to promote free software in Canada.

    Take care,


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