Free Information Free Software and Revolution

Free Information Free Software and Revolution is the title of an article by Felipe Perez Marti in Znet (a community of people committed to social change). Felipe Perez Marti, ex-Minister of Planning of Venezuela, is an emblematic leader of SoLVe (Free Software Venezuela). In his article, Felipe presents Free Software as a model for free information. According to Felipe, free information is needed to guarantee success in the process of change for a better future. Felipe also mentions that:

“The task for the revolutionaries is to promote even more the use of Internet […] To promote more nodes to this free information network, forming local media to connect directly to people with no access to the Internet. And to promote not only the exchange of news and analyses about political matters, but also the exchange of economic information, free technology, free knowledge, free science, free solutions to health problems, free solutions to organizational matters regarding the formation of cooperative organizations of productions, and their networks of production and distribution of goods and services.”

It looks like a better world is possible and Free and Open Source Software might hold some answers as to how achieve it.

To read the full article (in English) click here.


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