Designing Spreadsheets with OpenOffice Calc (Part I)



  1. Spreadsheet: file
  2. Cell: location that can contain information. Defined by rows and columns
  3. Constant value: data typed directly
  4. Formula: sequence of values, cell references, names, functions, or operators that produce a new value from existing values

Before starting this session, I have two administrative points to cover:

  1. Once you click on a topic, you have to click the “Go Back” button in your browser to return to this Blog
  2. Topics 2 though 13 will link to the website over which I do not have any control

Now, we can start this session on Designing Spreadsheets with OpenOffice Calc (Part I).

Today’s topics:

  1. Learning the parts of the screen
  2. Entering data
  3. Selecting items
  4. Adding/deleting rows and columns
  5. Saving your work
  6. Creating a new color
  7. Changing the cell background color
  8. Formatting text
  9. Changing the cell alignment
  10. Rotating text
  11. Optimizing row/column size
  12. Freezing column/row headings
  13. Hiding/showing rows/columns

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