The first “Venezuelan Free Software Documentary” was released

The documentary “Software Libre: Capítulo Venezuela” (Free Software: Venezuelan Chapter) was released to the Internet this month. The film is under the Public Domain, allowing anyone to download, modify and distribute it. The 26-minute film is “the first Free Software Documentary” made in Venezuela.

Logo Ministry of CultureThe project was produced by the Venezuelan Ministry of Culture under the direction of Andrea Colorado. In a language suitable for a general audience, the film tells what free software is and why it is important for Venezuela. For instance, the film mentions:

* how translating a new Linux distribution and Open Office to one of the Venezuelan Native People dialect will help them preserve their cultural heritage;

* how free and open source software will be used to avoid situations like what happened during the Oil Strike in 2002-2003 in which personnel of a consulting company that joined the strike used back door access to PDVSA‘s intranet to halt the Venezuelan oil production;

* how elementary school students are unleashing their potential with the help of Linux and free and open source software; and

FLISOL* how the free and open source software community is taking free and open source software to the general public through Linux installation festivals like the FLISOL (Latin America Free Software Installation Festival).

You can download the movie from any of these mirrors:


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