Introduction to Open Access

What is it?

Call for free, unrestricted access on the public Internet to the literature that scholars give to the world without expectation of payment.


Widen dissemination, accelerate research, enrich education, share learning among rich & poor nations, enhance return on taxpayer investment in research.


Use existing funds to pay for dissemination, not access.

David Prosser

The previous text was taken from the presentation "Open Access Initiatives in Europe" that David Prosser, SPARC Europe Director, made at the UNICA Seminar 2006 – Trends in Education and Research: Developing Skills and Communication across Europe. The Seminar was held in Helsinki on 18 – 19 May, 2006. Other presentations include:

  • Cristóbal Pasadas Ureña: "Information literacy developments in Southern European countries"
  • Christina Tovoté: "Information literacy and libraries in Scandinavia and worldwide"
  • Antonio Fantoni: "Making the strategic case for institutional repositories in universities"
  • Bo-Christer Björk: "The economics of open access publishing"
  • Robert Terry: "Accessing the research literature – a funder's perspective"
  • Nicole Dewandre: "Policy issues: report on the EC study of scientific publication markets in Europe, and next steps"

For more information and to access all the presentations, visit the Website of the UNICA Seminar 2006


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