Re-drafting of the Information Technology Bill – End of the working sessions

June 18, 2006 was the last day of re-drafting of the Information Technology Bill in Venezuela. As I mentioned before there was no agreement on the Articles 75 and 76 (related to the promotion of Free and Open Source Software in the Public Administration). Not only that, there were several other points in which a consensus could not be reached. The final decision of the proponent of the Bill, Luis Tascon, was to present all the options to the Venezuelan Parliament. The proposal that is said to go to the Parliament is available at

New draf of Venezuelan Information Technology Bill

Unfortunately, the document is only available in Spanish. However, I will be more than happy to translate portions of it for those non-Spanish speakers out there that ask for it.

As always, you can find a detailed post related to the re-drafting process on Luigino Bracci's Blog. Again, only in Spanish 😉

What happens next? It is hard to say. Today, there was supposed to be an event, hosted by the Venezuelan Parliament, to present the new draft. However, it was suspended. No clear answer was given.

I will keep reporting on the progress of this Bill that if approved might give a well deserved push to the Free Software movement worldwide.


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