Interview with Ton Roosendaal about Elephants Dream

From the Wiki News we have that:

Ton Roosendaal“Three days after the Internet release of the free content 3D short Elephants Dream (see Wikinews coverage), we exchanged e-mails with Ton Roosendaal about the reaction to the film, open source filmmaking, and the changes to Blender that resulted from the production. Ton Roosendaal is the lead developer of the Blender 3D rendering and modelling software that was used for the movie. He is also the chairman of the Blender Foundation, a non-profit organization which was formed in support of the software and projects like Elephants Dream.”

Some highlights of the interview are:

“the total budget was about 120,000 €”

“I knew the story and plot would get a mixed acclaim. There’s a couple of reasons I’d like to mention for it. First of all; the criticism resembles how people witness Blender itself, too. Many people expect that Free Software is an easy accessible mass audience product. We get a lot of complaints by non-artists that they can’t get into the software easily, whilst the complexity of commercial products like Maya or Houdini is perceived as a confirmation of its “quality”. Apparently an Open Movie created similar expectations with the audience.

Luckily we also got many positive reviews of the artistic result of the movie. It is quite abstract, but definitely has many layers of information, inspiring many of the viewers to see relevant real life messages hidden here.”

“the main target of our project was not only to create a 3D movie short, but to experiment with ways to improve the efficiency and quality of open source development.”

“there’s a lot of professionals using Blender now, they can’t wait for the Blender Foundation to do movies! Look at this studio for example:

The full interview is available on the Wiki News Website


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