About the Canadian Census!

Census day has passed (May 16). I guess that I can now comment a little bit on it.

The 2006 Canadian Census generated a lot of controversies: groups asking to boycott it, groups mentioning some critical policy failures, groups mentioning its lack of standards compliance, and talks about discrimination to free and open source software users.

What can I say taht is new? Well, that there are more things to fix. For instance, I kept waiting and waiting for my questionnaire to arrive. On May 12, I decided to call the census help line. George answered my call and asked me for my address. He searched my address in their system and it seems that my address was not in there. He tried several times but he could not find my address. So, he asked me:

  • George: Was your dwelling built in the last six months?

To what I replied:

  • Lino: No! These are University Residences and has been in here for at least 20 years.

George then gave me an option:

  • George: do you want to fill your Census online?

To what I replied:

  • Lino: I cannot fill it out online because I am using Linux

Finally, we decided that the best was filling out the paper questionnaire. So, he filled out my request. On Monday May 15, I received the form and filled the questionnaire out in time to comply with my duty as a Canadian Citizen.Now, I ask: do all Canadians received the Census questionnaire? I asked a neighbour and he did not receive the form either. So, what is the criteria the Canadian government is using to decide which addresses should be on their system?

If someone has any idea, please drop me a line


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