I am back!

I know that I have been out of the Blogsphere for some time now. My research is keeping me extremely busy. Anyway, I am back with a new publication schedule that will fit my PhD Research, my Volunteer Work with SOLVE (Free Software Venezuela), my upcoming Free and Open Source Software development company, and of course my Family. This schedule implies publishing three or four posts per week. The schedule is as follows:

  1. Mondays, a post dedicated to productivity tools (starting with Open Office Calc).
  2. Wednesdays or Thursdays, a post dedicated to the work SOLVE is doing to promote Free and Open Source Software in Venezuela.
  3. Fridays, a post be dedicated to Open Science, Open Access, or Free and Open Source Software in general
  4. Saturdays, Free and Open Source Software in Latin America and/or Canada

Based on this schedule, the next posts will be:

  1. Today, an update on the re-drafting of the Information Technology Bill in Venezuela
  2. Friday, my next project with SOLVE
  3. Saturday, My experience at the LinuxFest in Calgary
  4. Monday, Introduction to Open Office Calc

So, keep in touch that exciting information is coming to this Blog!


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