Back from Calgary’s LinuxFest

I just got back form the LinuxFest (I know it was only yesterday, but I spent the whole day today at the Calgary Zoo with my wife and son). The event was excellent. The organization was superb. I have to say that CLUG did an outstanding job and they treat me and my family like royalty. I really appreciate it. So, for them: Thank you very, very much. I had the opportunity to meet really nice and smart people and I hope to work with them to make the philosophy of Free and Open Source Software part of Canada’s way of life.

Finally, I was also impressed by the support the University of Calgary gave to the event. I guess that I have to convince the University of Alberta to do the same 😉

Well, I will post a full report on the event later this week. I have to catch up with all the research work I have pending for my PhD.


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