Re-drafting of Information Technology Bill in Venezuela (Days 4-7)

You may recall that the re-drafting of the Venezuelan Information Technology Bill started on April 24 and was supposed to last for two weeks only. This process is being carried out by representatives of Venezuela’s National Assembly (sort of our Canadian Parliament), Venezuela’s Ministries, PDVSA (Venezuela’s Oil Company and the third most important Oil Company in the World), Universities, business associations, the Free Software Community, and one corporation “Microsoft”. So far, they have re-drafted 48 out of the 89 Articles. The process is going to continue until they finish re-drafting all the articles. The main point of controversy in these 4 days of work was related to Articles 35 and 36 that talk about Technological Sovereignty. The AIT (Automation, Informatics, and Telecommunication) Director of PDVSA mentioned that they did not agree with the content of that Article. The committee authorized PDVSA to lead the discussions for those articles at PDVSA’s offices in Caracas. A reduced group of representatives (including two of the Free Software Community) participated in those discussions and will report back to the committee this evening. The rest of the representatives stayed in Venezuela’s National Assembly working on Articles 39 through 48.

For more information, in Spanish, you can check Luigino Bracci’s Blog


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