Linux is gaining momentum in rural communities in Venezuela

María explaining how to use Open OfficeSan Diego de Los Altos is a small rural town in central Venezuela. Because the town is very small, the central government does not allocate enough funds to support their economy and education. For this reason, the community is starting a series of initiatives to cope with their difficult situation. Among the initiatives, we have that the public Library has computers with Linux on them. In fact, you can see Jr. High and High School students using them as something natural. Another initiative, of the community, is the realization of Linux Installation festivals, one of such festivals was organized, last March, with the help of the Free Software Community in Venezuela. More than 50 persons attended (a high number considering that it is a rural community) between artists, farmers, and students. On the left you can see María, one of the volunteers, explaining the features of Open Office to a very interested crowd.


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