Re-drafting of Information Technology Bill in Venezuela (Day 3)

Day 3 of re-drafting the Information Technology Bill was on Wednesday (there was no meeting on yesterday). The discussions continue to be lengthy and it looks like they are not going to complete the redrafting of the 75 Articles in the scheduled two weeks period. The day before yesterday, they worked on Articles 12 to 16. The issues that caused the most discussions were, surprisingly, related to terminology more than to the essence of the Bill. For instance, the group is divided regarding the following issues:

Keeping or deleting any reference to the term “Technological Neutrality”

Keeping or deleting any reference to the terms “Free Software” or “Free Applications” outside the Article 75 (that indicates that the Public Administration would use, preferably, Free and Open Source Software).


I really hope they start focusing more in what really matters and start being more productive.


If you want to know more about what is happening, you can check Luigino Bracci’s Blog



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