Re-drafting of Information Technology Bill in Venezuela (First Day)

From Luigino Bracci’s Blog, we have news about the first day of re-drafting of the Information Technology Bill in Venezuela.

Among the things that are in discussion are:

  1. Making mandatory the use of free and open source software in schools;
  2. encouraging the use of free and open source software in the public administration;
  3. the promotion of the use of free and open source software to help cooperatives and small and medium size businesses; and
  4. the use of open standards by all the parties interested in doing business with the Venezuelan Government

On day one of discussions, there were 45 people in attendance. The group included:

  1. One Member of the Parliament from the Science and Technology Council
  2. Three representatives of the Free Software Community: Felipe Perez Marti, Carlos Reyes, and Jorge Baralt
  3. Representatives of three Venezuelan Universities (UCV , UCAB , and UNERG)
  4. Representatives of Business Groups (Cavedatos and Cavecom-e)
  5. Representatives of organisms of the Venezuelan Public Administration (among the presents were PDVSA, CONATEL, MCT, and the CNTI)
  6. Only one corporation: Microsoft

They met from 7p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and re-drafted articles 1 through 7 of the Bill even though they were supposed to re-draft up to article 16. The discussions continue today starting with article 8 (who is affected by this Law)

I will be providing daily updates on the progress of the discussions


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