Microsoft’s academic search engine: is it a threat to Google Scholar?

I just tried Windows Live Academic , the new Microsoft’s academic search engine, on my Ubuntu 5.10 Box using the Mozilla Firefox Browser. The search engine looks promising. However, it is not optimized to work under Linux as I can certify.

I decided to run a small comparison between the Microsoft’s search engine and its direct competitor, Google Scholar . Here are the results:




Literature included Journal and conference articles Same as MS + self archived material
Sorting by
Date, author, journal, relevance
Google’s criteria?
Interface’s look Academic Google

Because the search engines are said to be directed to academic researchers, I would say that the Microsoft interface seems to be more appealing. We would have to wait for Microsoft to release their software and see what changes Google would incorporate in response.

Before their software release, I think that Microsoft should work on the following issues:

  1. Improving the way their software works under Linux and with the FireFox browser
  2. Adding the number of citations for each article

Finally, answering the question in the title of this post, if Google wants to keep the Academic market, they should create an Advanced Search Option making it possible to discriminate between self-archive materials and material published in Journals and Conference Proceedings.


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